Claudia Gustafson Photography: Blog en-us Boston . Metrowest . Massachusetts . All images (C) 2005-2018 Claudia Gustafson Photography (Claudia Gustafson Photography) Mon, 14 May 2018 17:43:00 GMT Mon, 14 May 2018 17:43:00 GMT Claudia Gustafson Photography: Blog 87 120 History at Play / Studio Portrait Photography A session with Judith Kalaora, extraordinary actress. She is the founder and artistic director of History at Play. Judith portrays influential and often forgotten women for all types of audiences in Massachusetts and beyond.

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Feathered Monks / Poem I have been photographing these pigeons for many months now. It is only natural I write a poem for them too.


Feathered Monks


I put on my wings

went by the window

and flew to the wires

of Edgell and Rt. 9,


Aligned myself like a

musical note on a scale

concealing my identity

from the pigeons


I saw cars, many cars

faces, thousands of faces

rushing up and down Edgell Rd.

looking down at bright phones

looking sadly at dark skies

going where?


The pigeons loved the frenzy

of humans,

found it amusing,


until one starts the dance

and the others follow:

circles, spirals, waves

ellipses, up and down

acrobats in the air


Only to return

like feathered monks

to their hypnotic states:

quietly, perfectly aligned

like musical notes

on a scale.

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A Late Winter Session / Sudbury Photographer We had so many snow storms in March, this session happened in between storms. A beautiful, warm and sunny day at the Wayside Inn gardens. I think these lovely twins look great in the square format.


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A Tribute to Cecil, the Lion / Poem In the summer of 2015, Cecil, a beloved lion from Zimbabwe was killed by an American dentist named Walter Palmer. The world condemned this senseless act of cruelty and lots of things started to happen to protect these sacred beings. At the time of his death, Cecil was 13-years-old, he watched over two prides and was the heir to twelve cubs. I wrote this poem to pay homage to Cecil, the lion who inspired me to become an activist.

A Tribute to Cecil, the Lion

Beyond the Zimbabwe canopies

A sunny day across the plains

Mane flowing like a halo in the air

You were majestic, running free.


That day a hunter came for you

Who wanted your hide and your mane

He needed to feel like a man.

He needed to feel like a lord.


He used bait to lure you away

The arrow struck. You had to crawl

Intense pain you had to bear

Far away from your two prides.


For forty hours you walked in pain

Crisp winter grass under your paws

Your golden coat stained with red

Wandering through the barren lands.


“Farewell my cubs, my lioness

Warm dusty African sunsets

Our magic dark glittery nights

It’s time to leave this savannah.”


A bullet struck; he took your life

The entire world heard your last roar

Within me a bellow grew

I am not the same

You made me strong.

(Claudia Gustafson Photography) personal work Thu, 01 Mar 2018 19:24:00 GMT
Harvard Square Photo Session / High School Photography One of my favorite places in Massachusetts was the location for this very special session with this high school senior. She loves black and white images so we did both, color and b&w. Harvard Square offers a super colorful palette and also incredible backgrounds that work great in black and white. This is a mini preview of her session.

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High School Senior Photography / Ashland, MA September is always a busy season for high school senior pics. I really love photographing these amazing young men and women soon to embark on life's next big adventure. This session was taken at the Ashland State Park right before sunset time.

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Beach Photography / Teen Photography Chapin Beach in Dennis, MA was the background for this photo session with this beyond beautiful girl. I love the way she posed, so confident, so free, so strong.


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Sunflower Fields / High School Senior Photography I had a wonderful session with this gorgeous high school senior in the most amazing sunflower field I have ever seen in my life. I simply loved the vintage bicycle and chair she brought to serve as props and her outfits are just incredible.

(Claudia Gustafson Photography) portrait photography Fri, 11 Aug 2017 20:15:35 GMT
Nantasket Beach Wedding / Boston Wedding Photography Kerry and Kevin had a simple and very romantic wedding day. Their religious service was followed by dinner and dance by the sea in beautiful Nantasket Beach. Here are some favorites.



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Baby Summer / Summer Photography Sessions Metrowest, MA This cute baby enjoyed every minute of her summer session at Ashland State Park. Here are my favorite images of her family session.

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Engagement Beach Session / Scituate Wedding Photography Dreamy Scituate Engagement Session. I had a great time photographing the engagement session of this very lovely couple. Angie, the parrot, didn't care much about my camera but still posed nicely for the pics.

(Claudia Gustafson Photography) Portrait Photography Wedding Photography Mon, 15 May 2017 17:58:56 GMT
Sunset Session / Boston Maternity Photography Most of my pregnancy sessions are done in studio so I was very happy when I was asked to do an outdoor pregnancy session. I loved the glamour of this beautiful woman expecting her second baby. The light was gorgeous and the weather simply perfect.

(Claudia Gustafson Photography) portrait photography Fri, 28 Apr 2017 15:33:34 GMT
April Session / Sudbury Family Photography The Grist Mill in Sudbury, MA was the backdrop for this spring session with this lovely family. Enjoy this mini-preview.

(Claudia Gustafson Photography) Portrait Photography Thu, 27 Apr 2017 01:03:00 GMT
Mother and Baby It's very rewarding to photograph the way a mother interacts with her new baby. This was an outdoor mini-session at Cochituate State Park in Natick. We couldn't have asked for a better weather: cloudy and warm. Enjoy this preview.

(Claudia Gustafson Photography) Portrait Photography Mon, 12 Sep 2016 18:59:12 GMT
A Session with Otto the Cat Meet Otto, a gentle one year old Siberian cat. He was very friendly and easy to photograph, with a very sweet disposition. I think he is simply adorable, with his tender blue eyes and his shiny, silky coat. Enjoy this mini-preview of his home session.

(Claudia Gustafson Photography) Portrait Photography Fri, 09 Sep 2016 17:28:56 GMT
High School Senior Season is Open / Holliston, MA The season for high school seniors has started. I loved this sunset session with this very charismatic young man. Enough time to try different outfits, take glasses off in some shots and include his younger brother as well. It was nice to see the great chemistry they have together.

(Claudia Gustafson Photography) Portrait Photography Thu, 25 Aug 2016 19:15:01 GMT
In the Garden / Boston Family Photography A perfect day in the garden with this lovely family expecting their second girl. Here a mini-preview for you.


(Claudia Gustafson Photography) Portrait Photography Thu, 19 May 2016 20:06:44 GMT
Free Spirited Bride So happy to had the opportunity to visit the picturesque town of Bolton, MA to photograph this happy and colorful wedding of Lindsay and Kane. Here are some favorites. Enjoy!


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Commissioned Portraiture / Women Photography My first session this spring was a commissioned portraiture for a local yoga teacher. This is on-going project called "Of the Earth" where I photograph women's bodies and layer them with photographs of nature. If you are interested in being part of this project and would love to have artistic images of yourself, please, contact me.

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Vintage Boy / Metrowest Children Photographer I am hoping this new year I get to do more vintage children photography sessions like this one. This old farm in Framingham was the perfect timeless setting and the classic and colorful outfit was just the right complement. Here are my favorites.


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